(according to Elon Musk. PLUS reading less but better, and a new book recommendation)
And much more. Enjoy!
+ much more.
Hi, Quick one today as I’m writing this on Saturday morning before I head to the airport ⛷ 💭 Two things you need to know: 😱 What’s the worst that…
+ much more.
This is 2-2-2 Tuesday: 2 things you need to know, 2 recommendations, and a 2 useful quotes - all around the wide wonderful world of self-improvement.
Hello, Today’s email is based heavily off things that I’ve been reading at the moment. Enjoy! P.s. apparently there are issues with the email service…
Hi, We’re focusing on priorities today. How to prioritise, What to prioritise first and Why we need to prioritise. Life only ever seems to get busier…
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